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B heart arreWe offer not only Absolute Barre™ classes. The barre class program founded here in Mechanicsburg. We have variations to challenge you and keep you ready to Meet Us at the Barre!

  • Absolute Barre™
  • Advanced Barre
  • Cardio Barre
  • Upper Body Barre
  • Senior Barre
  • Bootylicious Barre
  • Babies at the Barre™
  • and more
What should I wear to class?

You should wear pants, leggings or capris that you are comfortable in (no shorts) and a top that is not to loose.  You will also want to wear sticky socks to prevent your feet from sliding (you’ll thank us later). You’ll want to remove your shoes and put on your socks before walking through the studio (you’ll be lying down on the floor during class, so this is just an effort to keep the floors as clean as possible).

We also sell sticky socks for you convenience in our barretique. For socks we carry toe sox, great soles, and point studio.

What should I bring?

We’ll have all the equipment you’ll need there at the studio, so just bring a bottle of water and be ready to move!

If you want to know more we often use hand weights, thera bands, resistance tubing, bosu, stretching straps, foam rollers, and magic circles.

What can I expect during class?

For 50-55 minutes, your personal life will melt away as you dive into this fun workout set to motivating music. Your teacher will cue the exercises and then circulate the room, correcting form to help you get the most out of your time.

What if I’m not a teeny ballerina?

Neither are we! We strive to make our studios a place where everyone will feel comfortable. Barre is a low-impact workout and can be done by women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. As long as you can hold on to the ballet barre, you can do Barre! No dance experience is required.

While the Barre technique is high intensity and higher in some classes, it is very low impact on your body, meaning you’ll get a great workout without putting excessive stress on your joints. If running or jumping has ever caused pain or stress to your joints, Barre may be just what you need. Barre is one of the fastest, most effective ways to change the shape of your body. Clients typically see the best results when they take 3-4 classes per week.

Barre Benefits

The health benefits of a Barre class are both physical and mental. You will experience a physical change to your body that you can see, and confidence you can feel. Not to mention the increased focus, memory and mind-body connection. It’s no surprise that fans are calling Barre Class “the best 55 minutes” of their day!

Check out our top five benefits of Barre below.


Barre is a unique way to strengthen and tone your muscles in a safe, low impact manner through the use of small focused movements. Our Barre Classes use body weight and light 2-5 pound weights for classes decreasing the impact on your joints and maximizing strength gain.


Lean muscle definition coupled with improved flexibility, posture and coordination help to create a strong yet graceful barre body. Toned arms, thighs, and a high tight seat are just a few of the areas clients see the biggest change from Barre.


The tiny movements in Barre are deceptively challenging and through repetition, cause your muscles to shake from fatigue, and in turn, build strength and endurance. The combination of repetitive isotonic movements and isometric contractions in a Barre class increase endurance and build strength.

Barre is a workout that will have you shaking while in your isometric contractions! This means your muscles are reaching the point of fatigue, and that’s where you want to keep pushing to build strength and endurance


A Barre class contains exercises the will take your body through its full range of motion. Challenging you to relieve in positions and balance on one side at a time.


You don’t have to be flexible to start taking Barre classes, but the amount of stretching that we do in each class will guarantee that you will see increased flexibility the more you take. In each class, we target specific muscle groups working them to the point of fatigue and then follow each strengthening section of class with a lengthening stretch.


  • Isotonic – Maintaining a constant tension in the muscle as the muscle changes in length. They are either concentric (muscle shortens) or eccentric (muscle lengthens).
  • Eccentric – The lengthening of a muscle. The muscle elongates while under tension due to an opposing force which is great than the force generated by the muscle.
  • Concentric – A type of muscle contraction where the muscles shorten while generating force.
  • Isometric– Creating force without changing the length of the muscle. The muscles do not change length, and joints are not moved, just tightened.